Private Star Parties

We setup up multiple telescopes connected to large screen TVs to look at the Sun, Moon, galaxies, nebulae, planets and more.

Online Live Streaming

We can live stream from our observatory to your event during the day or the night anywhere in the world.

Large Events

We spark the conversations worth having. Whether your event is corporate, faith-based, STEM, or just plain fun…by looking up you discover more about the beauty of this life and our purpose in it.

Why Choose Starry Host?

  • Stunning Views: Witness distant galaxies, sparkling nebulae, and ancient star clusters up close. We see breathtaking things few humans ever see. We watch solar proms many times larger than the Earth. We watch sunspots float in roiling solar seas. We watch the Moon’s shadows chasing sunlight across crater floors and over lunar  mountain peaks. We see galaxies and nebulae floating in inky blackness. Our telescopes reveal the universe’s hidden gems painting both the day and night sky with awe-inspiring beauty.
  • Educational Exploration: Whether you’re hosting a school event, a community gathering, or a corporate retreat, we provide engaging talks and interactive sessions. Learn about the Sun, the Moon,  planets, and cosmic phenomena LIVE.
  • Customized Experiences: No two events are alike, and neither are our stargazing sessions. We tailor our telescope setups to match your event’s theme, audience, and location. From corporate events to birthday parties to science fairs, we’ve got you covered.
  • Memorable Moments: Imagine the gasps of wonder as Saturn’s rings come into focus or the thrill of spotting a distant comet. These moments create lasting memories for your guests.

Our Services

  • Stargazing Days & Nights: Host an enchanting stargazing evening for your church, community, school, or private group. Our telescopes reveal the intricate details of the sun and moon, distant planets, and far-off galaxies.
  • Corporate Retreats: Elevate team-building experiences by adding a cosmic touch. Stargazing under the open sky fosters creativity and connection.
  • Celebrations: Make your special day even more magical. Imagine celebrating even in the city lights by seeing BEYOND those lights.
  • Educational Workshops: Ignite curiosity in minds, young and old. Engage students and adults with captivating talks and hands-on experiences.

Book Your Stellar Experience

Ready to explore the cosmos? Contact us today to schedule a Starry Host event. Let the universe unfold before your eyes, one star at a time.

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Starry Host:We show you the Universe you can’t see, even in the City.


Why Us?

Incredible Equipment

Our equipment does not require dark skies or people looking through telescopes, one person at a time. Day or night, entire groups experience the universe.

Discussions Worth Having

We don't just show the Universe...we learn from it and explore our meaningful purpose in it. These are the conversations worth having.

40 Years of Experience

I have shared the skies for 40 years...there is much to share at your event and many stories to tell.