Jack Swaton


I’ve had the joy of astronomy in my life for 40 years, starting with the first home-built scope my mom and I bought together. Since then, I’ve shared the sky with anyone who would stand still long enough to listen. In the 80’s I finally let God into my life and have not looked back. For 12 years I taught science and faith apologetics to middle-schoolers and adults as well. Today, the best day of the week is when I am out sharing the heavens with people I’ve just met.

Why us?

Incredible Equipment

Our equipment does not require dark skies or people looking through telescopes, one person at a time. Day or night, entire groups experience the universe.

40 Years of Experience

I have shared the skies for 40 years...there is much to share at your event and many stories to tell.

Discussions Worth Having

We don't just show the Universe...we learn from it and explore our meaningful purpose in it. These are the conversations worth having.