What to Expect

Here is what you can expect during your event of  Astronomical Wonder

For two mesmerizing hours, participants gather beneath the open sky right in the city, their eyes fixed upward, eager to explore the mysteries beyond our earthly realm. The telescope becomes their magical portal, revealing hidden treasures that lie millions of light-years away as related by a warm and friendly Story Teller.

Stunning Views

  • As the telescope swivels, it unveils breathtaking vistas. The moon, with its craters and ancient lava plains, appears so close that you can almost feel its rugged surface. Saturn’s majestic rings stretch across the monitor, evoking awe and wonder.
  • Nebulas—cosmic clouds of gas and dust—come alive. The Orion Nebula, a stellar nursery, glows with ethereal hues.
  • Distant galaxies, like faint smudges of stardust, beckon from unimaginable distances. Their light, traveling vast distances to reach us, tells stories of cosmic structures.
  • The Sun’s roiling surface and the giant prominances are reflections of both the life-giving heat of the sun and the dangerous coronal mass ejections.

Informative Interludes & Talks

  • Between each celestial encounter, we expertly share insights and stories. We unravel the science behind what we see—the life cycles of stars, the dance of planets, and the cosmic ballet of galaxies and we pose the questions about our role in this life.
  • We can even provide full 20-45 minute presentations for focused topics as needed.

Thought-Provoking Moments

  • Under the star-studded canvas, existential questions arise. Are we alone in this vast universe? What lies beyond the observable edge? The telescope fuels curiosity, sparking philosophical and spiritual musings.
  • As constellations shift overhead, participants ponder their place in the cosmic tapestry. The Milky Way arches across the sky, connecting us to countless other suns and planets.

In this celestial odyssey, time bends—a mere two hours stretch into infinity. Participants leave with widened eyes, hearts full of wonder, and a deeper connection to the cosmos. 


For All Events

When you book your event with us, you can expect these steps:

  1. We arrive 1-2 hours before your event for setup. The length of time is dictated by how much equipment we are using.
  2. We will need 100 sq ft. to 200 st. ft. for the equipment and us and additional space for attendees to view the monitors. Generally, standing works best so people can share the monitors and get up close for exciting details. 
  3. Up to 30 people works very well in this type of setup.
  4. For larger groups, please consider how people will flow past the monitors, sharing the marvelous views.
  5. Sessions are generally limited to 3 hours, but longer or shorter times can be accomodated.
  6. We will need 1 hour to tear down the equipment and will need access to our vehicle if your event continues while we pack up.
  7. We can show the universe as part of your  headlining event, or simply be in the background as the rest of your event carries on (sort of like, “background entertainment”).
  8. We can also include a detailed presentation on STEM or Faith regarding the views or we can simply engage in ad hoc conversations as the event unfolds.
  9. If inclement weather happens, all is not lost! We can still display live video feeds from around the world, pour over amazing images from other sessions, or continue with the planned presentation.