Eclipse April 8, 2024

A shared corporate communal celebration of this special eclipse… We started with 1 person and a few scopes…then the biggest morale event of the year! Notice the two black dots in the first sequenced image…those are sunspots. The following images show detailed views of those sunspots as the Moon eclipses them. Each sunspot is comparable …


Order by DefaultTitleDateFilenameSizeRandom Search 2023-07-02_22-05-41_000 2024-02-13_20-32-41_000 (2024-02-14T06_57_33.092) 2023-09-07_22-13-34_000 20210922214900047dsc10c4ap84_51656349769_o gimp 202109182006211936-mak-cas-dsc10c4ap67-as3-to-imppg_51656538795_o gimp jupiter-in-80mm-dsc10c200724214550_51655691841_o gimp