Enter the Seven Realms of Starry Host

Your tools are┬áscience…your fuel is the Lord…your sword is Scripture

In the beginning God created Seven Realms and they were very good. Each one was a reflection of His glory and each one full of wonder and beauty. Then one day Darkness came into the Realms.

Wanting glory for himself, the most beautiful angel God created became proud and angry. This angel waged war against God and His angels in a vain attempt to take control of the Seven Realms. But he lost and was cast down from Heaven where he and his demon angels roam to this day, attempting to steal, kill and destroy the beauty of the Realms.

As the Dark Armies influence and destroy the world of the humans, there is a Remnant, a chosen few, who are left to stand for what is right and to take back what is His.

You are part of this Remnant. Your quest is to learn of the former glory of the Seven Realms and to engage the agents of Darkness. You can do this only by learning of The Light and by shining that Light into the darkened minds of many characters you will meet.

Enter the Seven Realms as part of the Remnant and shine your Light!